While every client’s situation and outcome is unique, at Recovery Resources, our goal for every client is always the same: a successful and ongoing recovery. Below are a few testimonials from clients who are well into the process of a successful recovery. (NOTE: Last names have been withheld for privacy purposes.)

A Gentle And Supportive Yet Firm Advisor

Whitney understood more than just my addiction issues—she understood me as a person. She was very gentle and sensitive to my total situation. She was always supportive, but she was no pushover—she pointed out my constant denial and wouldn’t let me get away with my excuses. She made me see the truth and helped me get my addiction and psychiatric issues under control. Whitney is very resourceful, very knowledgeable and, best of all, very effective.

My Teenagers Were Desperate

I contacted Whitney after an intervention by my teenage children. I had been relapsing for years. I tried everything to get sober, including 90 days of inpatient treatment, but nothing worked. I didn’t know what to expect when I hired Whitney as my recovery coach, but I had the gift of desperation. Whitney moved in with me the first week and helped with all the decisions. She helped the children understand and gave them encouragement. I had no structure in my life before Whitney. Whitney got me organized and customized my sobriety plan. I’m in contact with her every day, and she holds me accountable. I can pick the telephone up day or night, and she will be there to help me. I have been able to stay sober since hiring her, and my life continues to improve daily. I’m truly grateful I found Whitney.

From A Grateful Father

Whitney provided my daughter with an opportunity to pause and reflect on her life, which was invaluable in enabling personal improvement and self-development due to addiction issues. Whitney’s focus on stress management, physical well-being and spiritual growth enabled my daughter to accomplish her goal by providing her with a platform for self-improvement, awareness and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Whitney to anyone considering some “time out” to deal with negative elements in their lives.