Treatment Placement

Because treatment centers vary widely as to resources, emphasis and quality, it is very important to choose a reputable treatment facility that is suited to the client’s medical, clinical, and psychological needs. At Recovery Resources, we take treatment placement very seriously. We do this by taking extra steps to ensure that our client receives the best care possible during treatment, and that the treatment itself matches the goals of the client’s long-term recovery plan.

Screening Of Facilities

Recovery Resources only selects from accredited treatment facilities when deciding on a program for you or your loved one. Before recommending treatment placement, we carefully screen each treatment facility to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of care, and that the treatment program is in line with our client’s needs and long-term recovery goals. We are not affiliated with nor employed by any treatment facility, nor do we receive any form of payment from these facilities.┬áSo you can be rest assured that our recommendation of a facility is unbiased, based solely on the needs of the client and the resources of the facility to meet those needs.

Other Considerations

Because every person and every case is different, we take an individualized approach to treatment placement with each client. We take into account the treatment needs of the client, personal finances, insurance requirements, and so on. With our extensive knowledge of the best treatment providers in the area, we are able to take these considerations into account when forming a blueprint for long-term recovery for you or your loved one.

To learn more about treatment placement options in the context of a long-term recovery plan, contact Whitney Jones Recovery Resources today.