Sober Transportation

There are many instances in which a client needs transportation, whether to/from a treatment facility or at other times when transportation plays a role in the recovery process. Recovery Resources can provide safe and efficient sober transportation services to any of our clients who need them.

What Is Sober Transportation

A sober transportation escort is more than just a ride to and from treatment, although that certainly plays a role. Travel times can present particularly vulnerable moments for people in recovery, with plenty of “alone” time and availability of temptation. Even the stress of the travel itself can be a trigger. A sober transportation escort provides safe companionship during travel times and at special events where addictive substances might be readily available, giving the patient an extra layer of accountability and safety against relapse during these times.

When Sober Transportation Is Recommended

Recovery Resources recommends sober transportation services in any of the following situations:

  • If the patient needs transportation to and from treatment
  • During events like class reunions, weddings, business conferences, etc.
  • Any time extended travel is required with lags in between (e.g., airport layovers and overnight stays), especially during the early days of post-treatment recovery
  • Any time the patient feels vulnerable and would feel safer with a travel escort
  • Sober transportation is also offered as an integral part of recovery companion services and life adjustment assistance for clients with psychiatric disorders.

Recovery Resources can provide reliable and trustworthy sober transportation in every situation, including escorting a client to destinations abroad. The possibilities are limited only by the needs of the client. To learn more, contact us today.