Recovery Companion

During the recovery and post-treatment process, a recovery companion (also called a sober companion) can often provide additional accountability and support for the client, especially in situations where he/she may be particularly vulnerable to relapse. When needed, Recovery Resources can provide a caring and knowledgeable companion to provide this extra support.

Role Of The Recovery Companion

A recovery companion accompanies the client wherever is necessary. The companion can be used in the daytime or 24/7. A companion offers all the advantages and positive reinforcement of a recovery coach, but with an enhanced view of the risk factors that can lead to relapse. This can be a very effective strategy to support the client in times of increased temptation and vulnerability, especially in the early days of post-treatment when healthier habits are still being formed. Having a caring companion present provides an additional layer of accountability as the client readjusts.

When Is A Recovery Companion Recommended

The additional support of a Recovery Resources recovery or sober companion can be particularly helpful in the following situations:

  • In the vulnerable first days after being released from inpatient care
  • When the client is entering an environment previously known to trigger addiction habits
  • When the client is traveling and may be otherwise unsupervised
  • Any other time when the client feels unsafe

To discover more about the added benefits and support a recovery companion can provide as part of the recovery process, contact Whitney Jones Recovery Resources today.