Recovery Companion Live-in Services

In certain situations, especially in the early stages of a client’s recovery, it can be beneficial and/or advisable for a recovery coach or life adjustment assistant to move into the client’s home for a period of time. Recovery Resources offers live-in services as an added layer of assistance during these more vulnerable times of post-treatment.

Benefits Of Live-In Services

The live-in presence of a recovery coach provides the client a deeper level of coaching and accountability on-site. It also gives the WJRR coach an opportunity to better understand the client’s unique challenges, responsibilities, opportunities and relationships while providing assistance on the path to recovery. Finally, a live-in coach is better able to help the client revitalize a routine, nurture new habits and make other helpful adjustments to daily life as needed.

When Are Live-In Services Recommended

A live-in coach can be particularly beneficial for any of the following:

  • Clients in the earliest stages of recovery from addiction who may be vulnerable to relapse
  • Clients who have been to multiple treatment centers
  • Clients with psychiatric disorders or co-occurring disorders who wish to improve life skills and personal organization
  • Any client who desires or needs a more intense level of treatment

While not every client may need a live-in coach or assistant during recovery, in some situations it can be an important factor in helping you or your loved one through the critical post-treatment period so he/she can move toward long-term recovery. To learn more about our live-in services, contact Whitney Jones Recovery Resources today.