Co-occurring Disorder Services

Clients who are in recovery from co-occurring disorders face a unique set of challenges beyond simply recovering from an addiction. At Recovery Resources, our multi-disciplinary approach gives us the additional experience and skills needed to help these clients experience successful long-term recovery.

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

In certain clients, drug or alcohol addiction is not an isolated problem, but is fueled by or complicated by another disorder. This is known as a co-occurring disorder because more than one disorder is factoring into the problem, often working in tandem with each other. Co-occurring disorders require a more integrated approach, both in treatment and in recovery, because treating the addiction without addressing the secondary diagnosis greatly increases the chances of a relapse.

Our Approach To Co-Occurring Disorders

At Recovery Resources, we are well-qualified to address the specific needs of clients suffering with co-occurring disorders; from assessment, to treatment placement, to life adjustment assistance. In the critical days after psychiatric hospitalization, for example, we can provide intensive recovery coaching and live-in services, depending on the needs of the client. Our coaching emphasizes the development and practice of important life skills, self-care habits, and self-acceptance. We also help the client to establish personal boundaries, recognize and avoid predatory behavior by others, maximize the benefit of doctor’s appointments, therapy, and self-help activities. During the process of recovery, we continually assess progress and remain in constant communication with the client and the family, thereby effectively relieving the family of its supervisory role.

By addressing the specific issues accompanying co-occurring disorders, we can help clients suffering from addiction and mental illness find their way to a successful recovery and a rich, full life. To learn more, contact Whitney Jones Recovery Resources today.