Case Management

The purpose of case management is to provide ongoing support and monitoring for the client as he/she travels the path of recovery. At Recovery Resources, your case manager is a caring professional who is there to make sure your recovery (or the recovery of your loved one) is proceeding according to plan.

Role of the Case Manager

The case manager helps to implement the client’s treatment plan—either the plan agreed upon during our confidential assessment, or the after-care plan prescribed by the treatment center.  The Recovery Resources case manager serves as a liaison between the patient, the patient’s family, the treatment facility, the doctor and/or therapist, and the individual’s support system. This is for the purpose of making sure the various steps of the recovery process are being followed.

Staying the Course in Recovery

The client’s customized recovery plan comes from careful evaluation and assessment. This includes a free personal consultation, motivational interviewing, family and medical history, and personal goals. Once the client begins taking these steps, it’s important that the process be monitored in order to help the patient “stay the course” toward recovery.  To this end, the case manager may make specific recommendations to help implement the recovery plan, including any of the following:

  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Attending a support group meeting (like AA)
  • Attending residential or outpatient treatment
  • Meeting with a psychiatrist or therapist
  • Meeting with your sponsor

To learn more about how effective case management can help you or your loved one stay on the path to long-term recovery, contact Whitney Jones Recovery Resources today.