Lights, Microphone, Podcast!

Recently I was recalling the first Podcast we completed with Lakeview Health.  It was right after they had done renovations.  I was so impressed by not only the facility, but also the recovery that was going on there.  I was quoted commenting “I have been here before, before you did renovations and this is 100% a different place. Physically, this is beautiful. I mean, these are amazing grounds and I think after speaking with your CEO I think you’re headed in a direction to become one of the premier treatment facilities nationwide.”

And I still believe this today.  My job wouldn’t be possible without so many wonderfully supportive people and equally as wonderful supportive treatment centers.

So many ambassadors, so many soldiers, all with one goal to provide help for those with addiction or co-occurring disorders…

Check out the link here for the full interview and podcast!

Lakeview SLS

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