A Family Member’s Manual to Addiction Treatment

We loved this new article put out by Black Bear’s Lodge and Foundations Recovery Network.  It takes you step by step when it comes to dealing with addiction:  1. How to Spot Addiction  2. What to Do When It’s True  3. Getting a Family Member into Rehab  4. Family Therapy  5. Aftercare Support.

This quote really stood out as well:

“Addiction destroys many things – a career, a future, a person’s life – but perhaps one of the most evil things about addiction is that it destroys relationships. One person’s substance abuse can spell the end of an entire family, as bridges are burned and things said and done that cause irreparable damage and break hearts. That’s why the family unit plays such a critical role in catching a substance abuse problem before it becomes an addiction, and then guiding their loved one through the process of rehab, treatment, and aftercare support.”

As always, please let us know how we can help you on your road to recovery for addiction.  Our goal is not simply to manage addictions: it’s to help our clients reclaim the rich, complete lives they deserve.



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